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12th Ophthalmological Symposium from Bausch + Lomb in Berlin

From 20 to 22 June, around 100 ophthalmic surgeons and 20 guest speakers met again in Berlin. The conference offers an exciting and entertaining programme and provides a framework for open and often controversial discussions.

As we show every year, the meeting has a clear focus on practice-oriented topics combined with new formats like the “Judgement Day”, where four speakers presented their preferred capsulorhexis technique based upon technically and scientifically founded evidence and argumentation. After four different techniques were presented to the jury, the plenum and three judges decided which option was the most convincing one based upon the evidence presented.

This year’s team challenge involved three categories – posterior capsule rupture, surgical solutions for cornea/iris issues, and surgical devices­– and was dedicated to the complication management. Three teams competed against each other in the three categories. Unusual cases, which they had been able to perform in their practice routine, were undertaken. In the end, the participants of the meeting concluded which case provided the greatest learning effect.

On the second day, the attendees got a closer look at innovative techniques and a panel of six surgeons discussed the game changer potential, amongst others, the Vitesse technology from Bausch + Lomb to liquefy the vitreous.

The last session focused on the management of special and complicated cases where attendees were interested in hearing about the experience and learnings of others.

To summarize, it was a very exciting, interesting and invaluable meeting that you should never miss.

Stay tuned for 2020!

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