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BAUSCH + LOMB Retina Days

Bausch + Lomb is holding the International Retina Days 2019, from 28th to 30th November. The two-day event, with an educational scientific program, is going to be specially focused on posterior surgery and hosted in the modern city of Berlin.

Renowned speakers and panellists will make their contributions in the form of debates, challenges, group projects and panel discussions. The Bausch + Lomb event will explore the latest innovations and surgical techniques and all the activities are designed to provide an engaging and interactive format.

On the first day, the agenda is structured around R&D and productworkshops and wetlabs, presentations about how to be more efficient, as well as discussions on whether surgery may be necessary or not.

The second day will include a panel discussion with insight on future trends such as artificial intelligence, robotics and VitesseTM, ahypersonic vitrectomy system, which is available on the Stellaris EliteTM system as an approach to vitreous removal based on hypersonic technology. Lectures will also be focused on best practice aspects in particular, 3D imaging, live OCT and Refractive IOLs + Vitreo-Retinal surgeries. Sessions also include complications management as a key to learn more about posterior surgeries.

We are looking forward starting the meeting!