Bausch + Lomb’s Premium Lens Designed for Providing Distance and Intermediate Continuous Vision with a Potentially Similar Dysphotopsia Profile as a Monofocal, Thanks to its Pure Refractive Optics Technology

MONTPELLIER, France, October 07, 2021 – Bausch + Lomb, a leading global eye health business of Bausch Health Companies Inc. (NYSE/TSX: BHC), today announced positive outcomes following the one-year real-world evaluation of its premium LuxSmart™ lens, since its European launch in 2020.

Now adopted by 200 surgeons across 18 countries, LuxSmart™ is designed to provide continuous vision from distance to intermediate.

More than 5,000 cataract patients have now been treated worldwide, including more than 4,000 across Europe.[1]  LuxSmart™ is a hydrophobic lens, designed with Pure Refractive Optics (PRO) technology, suitable for use in patients with some co-morbidities and could be used to achieve near vision through micromonovision.

Mr. Mayank Nanavaty, ophthalmic consultant at Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital UK, explains: “My patients increasingly prioritise intermediate and distance vision because modern life now mostly takes place at arm’s length via laptops, iPads and eBooks. So, when I was asked to trial LuxSmart™, I was most interested. The design fulfils all my major asks: It is non diffractive, spherical aberration -based, hydrophobic and, as a bonus, it comes preloaded.”

He added: “I have used it in my cataract patients with excellent outcomes and patient feedback has been phenomenal. LuxSmart™ stands out from other lenses for its wider continuous range of high-quality distance and intermediate vision that can be achieved without glare and halos. I’ve also discovered that around 30% of my patients also gain near vision, allowing them to read small print without glasses.”

Evaluation in bilateral cataract patients indicates that LuxSmart™ performs extremely well at distance (BCDVA, -0.03 logMAR) and intermediate (DCIVA at 80 and 66 cm, mean 0.07 and 0.14 logMAR, respectively). DCNVA at 40 cm reached 0.38 logMAR, when treating bilateral cataract.1

Professor Michael Koss, FEBO, Ophthalmologist at Eye Centre Nymphenburger Höfe Munich, Germany is a regular user: “So far, the results have exceeded my expectations. Through the use of LuxSmart™, my patients have achieved an optimal intermediate vision by having an excellent distance vision. Furthermore, none of my patients reported any dysphotopsia. I’m excited about the potential of this lens and what it offers to my clinic and patients.”

LuxSmart™ is fully preloaded across the complete dioptre range and is available as a Toric. LuxSmart™ forms part of the Lux platform of intraocular lenses (IOLs) by Bausch + Lomb which includes LuxGood™, a monofocal IOL. The platform is available with and without violet light filtering, clear and yellow options and is based on a four-point fixation haptics designed to achieve lens centration, rotational stability and greater refractive predictability. 

It is expected 1.8 billion people in the world will be afflicted with presbyopia by 2050, including 280 million across Europe. Presbyopia typically begins around 40 to 45 years of age.[2]

For more information about LuxSmart™, please visit www.LuxSmartIOL.com.

About LuxSmart™
LuxSmart™ is a premium IOL with a Pure Refractive Optics (PRO) design. An increased range of vision is created through a central zone designed with the combination of 4th and 6th orders of spherical aberration of opposite signs. Rather than creating one (monofocal) or several distinct focal points (multifocal), this design provides a wider continuous range of functional vision, from distance into intermediate. LuxSmart™ is a biconvex one-piece hydrophobic acrylic IOL with four-point fixation and a 360º square edge design.

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