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Bausch + Lomb Storz Ophthalmic Instruments

In the surgical segment Storz® Ophthalmic Instruments offer a wide range of surgical products, including a full array of microsurgical instruments for cataract, retinal, refractive and corneal surgery. Given over 120 years of continuous optimization together with surgeons, our instruments  truly enable signature performance and set benchmarks in pioneering innovation, trusted quality and leading design. 

An innovation in the area of femto cataract instruments is the ZeroPhaco I/A handpiece -  a disposable irrigation/aspiration handpiece that facilitates removal of laser softened lenses in cataract surgeries without ultrasound.

The ZeroPhaco I/A handpiece joins a complete family of purpose-designed, single-use Bausch + Lomb instruments for the rest of the femtocataract procedure, including fixation forceps, lens manipulators and lid speculum.

To learn more about the full instruments range, including the cataract portfolio, visit the website www.storzeye.eu and check out the online Per Procedure Tray Configurator to assemble your individual kit of Bausch + Lomb's high precision single use instruments.