) STELLARIS ELITE: A track record not to be dismissed and machines which shine through the competition. – Prof. Nabil Habib | Bausch + Lomb Surgical

STELLARIS ELITE: A track record not to be dismissed and machines which shine through the competition. – Prof. Nabil Habib

In the following testimonial Professor Nabil Habib, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, explains why, in his opinion, Bausch + Lomb’s Stellaris Elite™ Vision Enhancement System, with Adaptive Fluidics™ dynamic infusion compensation, stands out head and shoulders above comparable cataract platforms:

“A track record not to be dismissed and machines which shine through the competition”

“Over the last twenty years, I keep coming back to Bausch + Lomb for good reason – they have a track record that is not to be dismissed. There is no compromise: the machines shine through the competition, and the value for money and the customer service is excellent.

When it was time to update our cataract platform, we tendered widely to make sure we were getting the best, looking at many competitors. Again, we concluded that Bausch + Lomb offered the most state-of-the-art and excellent value platform: The Stellaris Elite System.

I can tell you, since using it, we have certainly not been disappointed! For me there are five reasons why this product stands out head and shoulders above anything comparable:

1. Dual Linear

Once you’ve experienced using separate controls for different components (all via the foot pedal), you’ll not want to use anything else. The ability to increase the vacuum without increasing emulsifying power, or vice versa, is much safer. The level of control feels more natural and I love how responsive the system is.

2. Adaptive Fluidics

The system has a new way of handling the pressure within the eye– the stability is exceptional, whether operating on the anterior or posterior segment. Again, the machine offers no compromises. I feel confident my patients are safe and comfortable.

3. Energy Management

With the Stellaris Elite Platform you can change parameters to produce ‘cool’ cataract extraction. This is achieved with intelligent application of the pulse and burst phaco with total control on waveform and energy produced. Obviously, this is a huge boon in terms of safety and efficiency.

4. Venturi Fluidics

While not unique to the Stellaris, the way the machine does this gives maximum choice to surgeons. You see, the machine allows you to simulate the peristaltic environment, so you can have the best of both worlds. For training surgeons, it’s ideal to ‘slow’ down the environment, but then it can be sped up, flexing to the level of experience, with no compromise on stability that you can get with other products.

5. Design

Physically the machine is a joy to use – the phaco handpiece is light and sleek, the foot pedal is responsive and overall, it is ergonomic. The interface is intuitive, so much so that I see no difference between the expert nurses I work with at one location and the generalist nurses I work with at the other.

Beyond the machine itself, we have benefited from support to integrate it into our operating theatres. I appreciate the proactivity of Bausch + Lomb with software updates, training and their general approachability. Their other products, such as CapsuleGuard I/A handpieces, which have a silicone tip to reduce risk of rupture, are also worth a mention here.  As I said, there’s a reason why, despite looking around, we keep coming back to Bausch + Lomb.”


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