) STELLARIS ELITE: I have discovered many features I never knew I wanted, but now love. – Mr Allon Barsam | Bausch + Lomb Surgical

STELLARIS ELITE: I have discovered many features I never knew I wanted, but now love. – Mr Allon Barsam

In this testimonial Mr Allon Barsam - Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Director and founding partner of OCL Vision (www.oclvision.com), UK, explains why his team have switched to Bausch + Lomb’s Stellaris Elite™ Vision Enhancement System1:

“I’ve discovered many features I never knew I wanted, but now love.”

“At our Cavendish Street clinic, we pride ourselves on offering a premium service, which means offering our patients the latest, saftest and most effective technology.

We routinely review our devices to check if they still represent the very best in care, and when we replace them, we personally do meticulous research into the latest options.

When it was time to update our cataract offering, Bausch + Lomb’s Stellaris Elite System was very favourable compared to competitor products. We consider it the most advanced platform for cataract surgery.

Since I’ve started using it, I’ve discovered many features that I never knew I wanted, but now love.

Take for example the clear sleeve: The fact you can see 50% more around the phaco tip is hugely advantageous. Now I have that extra visibility, I would never go back.

I have also very recently started using the Dual Linear feature and absolutely love it. It’s very helpful to be able to independently control phaco and vacuum in various positions at various levels. The versatility in the foot pedal and control is second to none and means we can perform advanced or complex techniques safely and intuitively.

As a previous Peristaltic user, I have quickly and easily transitioned to the Venturi fluidics – they are excellent. I never have to worry about anterior chamber collapse - the EQ fluidics helps create a stable environmental in the anterior chamber in all situations.

Overall, the system is technically brilliant, while remaining straightforward to use. Our nurses have been particularly complimentary about its ease of use.

As well as being a safer platform, it’s more efficient – we are now saving time in surgical set-up and seeing reduced procedural time. Working within a high-volume clinic, this is extremely valuable to us.

I also appreciate the support we’ve had from team at Bausch + Lomb in integrating it into our clinic – they understand the big picture and think long-term. Our nurses are big fans of the company too and I highly recommend partnering with B+L to other surgeons.” 

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