Eyefill® Range of Viscoelastics

Eyefill® SC is a highly-viscous cohesive viscoelastic indicated in case of flat anterior chambers and iris prolapse.

  • Stabilises and pressurizes the anterior chamber
  • Creates a lot of space for convenient surgical intervention
  • Good protection of intraocular tissues
  • Very easy to remove

Eyefill® C is a viscous cohesive viscoelastic for standard cataract surgical procedures.

  • Constant stabilisation of the anterior chamber and the capsular bag
  • Securing of protection of the sensitive ophthalmic tissues
  • Indicated in standard cataract surgery
  • Easy to remove

Eyefill® DC is a dispersive cohesive rheo-reactive viscoelastic solution.

  • Maintains a constant deep anterior chamber
  • Protects the corneal endothelium thrououghout the whole cataract surgery
  • Combines cohesiveness of hyaluronic acid with dispersive cell protection properties of HPMC
  • Suitable performance for micro-incision cataract surgery with good tissue protection and good maintenance of the anterior chamber
  • Indicated in standard cases when extra cell protection is required

Eyefill®  MB offers surgeons the choice between 2 viscoelastic fluids of different viscosities for all needs during cataract surgery.

  • Maintains constant stabilisation of the anterior chamber and capsular bag
  • Assures notable protection of the sensitive corneal endothelium
  • 2 single-use glass syringes miscible and compatible: MEGA I (1.8% biofermentative Hyaluronic Acid) and BIO II (1.4% biofermentative hyaluronic acid)
  • Suitable for mini and micro-incision surgery (2.2 mm or less)

Eyefill® HD - high dispersive mulitfunctional viscoelastic fluid

  • Effective cell protection
  • Prevents damage of the endothelial cells during surgery
  • Useful adjuvant for fundoscopy and gonioscopy
  • Could be used as a coupling fluid for diagnostic and the therapeutic contact lenses

CONTENTS2 % Sodium Hyaluronate in physiological saline solution.1.4 % Sodium Hyaluronate in physiological saline solution.1.37 % Sodium Hyaluronate and 0.57 % hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) in physiological saline solution.1.8 % Sodium Hyaluronate (MEGA I) + 1.4 % Sodium Hyaluronate (BIO II) in physiological saline solution.Contains 2.0 % hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) in physiological saline solution.
COHESIONSupreme CohesiveCohesiveDispersive CohesiveDispersive CohesiveHigh Dispersive
MOLECULAR WEIGHT2.8 million Daltons2.7 million DaltonsNaHA: 2.0 million Daltons; HPMC: 20,000 Daltons1.85 million Daltons; BIO II 2.3 million Daltons86,000 Daltons
VISCOSITY AT 25°C400,000 mPa.s (at 0.1 s-1)120,000 mPa.s (at 0.1 s-1)100,000 mPa.s (at 0.1 s-1)MEGA I: 100,000 mPa.s (at 0.1 s-1); BIO II: 80,000 mPa.s (at 0.1 s-1)2,400 - 4,000 mPa.s (at 5 s-1)
Osmolarity280-330 mOsmol/l280-330 mOsmol/l270-390 mOsmol/l280-330 mOsmol/l265-300 mOsmol/l
pH6.8 - 7.66.8 - 7.66.8 - 7.66.8 - 7.66.8 - 7.6
STORAGEBelow 25°C - Do not freezeBetween 2°C and 8°CBetween 2°C and 8°CBetween 2°C and 8°CBelow 25°C - Do not freeze
CONTENT & CANNULA0.9 ml; 25 G1.0 ml; 25 G1.0 ml; 25 GMEGA I: 0.55 ml; BIO II: 0.8 ml; 25 G2.5 ml; 23 G


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