Stellaris Elite™ Vision Enhancement System, The Next-Generation Surgical Platform of Bausch + Lomb

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Stellaris Elite™ vision enhancement system is a combined platform for retina and cataract surgery was created with the anterior and posterior philosophy. This new system launched in 2017 by Bausch & Lomb, has received CE mark1 as well as other country approvals. The platform features multiple advancements as well as the ability to integrate future technologies, such as the Vitesse™ hypersonic vitrectomy system, which is exclusive to Stellaris Elite vision enhancement system.2

It was built inspired in the Stellaris design, but including new technology such as Vitesse™ hypersonic open-port vitrectomy handpiece, which will be a significant step forward as it has the potential to lead to future advancements with various needle configurations and gauge sizes.3 Stellaris Elite™ vision enhancement system is designed for use in both anterior and posterior segment surgeries and provides capabilities for phacoemulsification, coaxial and bimanual irrigation/aspiration, bipolar coagulation, vitrectomy, viscous fluid injection/removal and air/fluid exchange operations. The Stellaris Elite™ vision enhancement system configured with the laser module is additionally intended for retinal photocoagulation.1

The Vitesse™ handpiece is perhaps the first major technological change in the way to remove the vitreous since the appearance of guillotine vitrectors and could change the vitrectomy concept.3 This is the first phacoemulsification platform with vacuum control available with Adaptive Fluidics™, which combines aspiration control with predictive infusion management.1 Stellaris Elite vision enhancement system offers the opportunity to continuously add innovative upgrades and enhancements.1 To take advantage of all its benefits, surgeons have to adapt their expertise and perform a learning curve.

The key features of Stellaris Elite™ vision enhancement system are:

  • New software version 5
  • Wireless foot pedal
  • New Stellaris Elite procedure packs
  • Digital Media System (video overlay)
  • Bi-Blade™ cutter
  • The addition of 27 gauge range of products
  • Comprehensive visualization technology
    • Light probes
    • Chandeliers
    • Color filters
  • Directional Laser probes
  • Vitesse™ hypersonic vitreous liquefication handpiece

This combined platform enables surgeons to customize their systems as their needs evolve without having to invest in a new surgical system.4 The system offers leading-edge technologies and a broad range of options and accessories, making it an outstanding option to surgeons who are looking to enhance their surgical capabilities and facilities now and in the future.5

Adaptive Fluidics™ chamber stabilization system: Stellaris Elite™ vision enhancement system is the first to offer this technology with compensation factor, which combines precise aspiration control with predictive infusion management to create a responsive and controlled surgical environment for lens removal.2 It also allows surgeons to customize their machines and features the Attune® energy management system, which allows it to deliver efficient, low energy controlled emulsification.4 These enhancements are designed to work synergistically to deliver responsiveness and maximum control throughout the entire procedure.6 In laboratory settings, Adaptive Fluidics™ minimizes post-occlusion surge and maintains three times higher the intraocular pressure post occlusion than Centurion® Active Infusion (Alcon), resulting in reduced post-occlusion surge.8

Attune® energy management system: this system utilizes efficient emulsification to complement the Adaptive FluidicsTM.2 Attune® energy management works synergistically with the chamber stability and vacuum efficiency of Adaptive Fluidics™ to deliver efficient and low energy controlled lens removal.2 Its innovative design with a six crystal 28.5 kHz handpiece frequency balances mechanical cutting with acoustic cavitation.7

Range of cutters: the platform offers a variety of single port vitrectomy cutters operating up to 7,500 cuts per minute (cpm). The system also features new 25ga and 27ga BiBlade® vitrectomy cutters that offers what is effectively a cut rate of up to 15,000 cpm and features a more open-port design resulting in a higher, more consistent flow rate compared to single port cutters.5

Comprehensive visualization technology: An exclusive combination of dual-light source, fiber optics, and light-filtering technologies includes specialized illumination options designed for small-gauge vitrectomy, and the ability to support fiber optic illuminators.5 This platform includes multiple innovations such as color filters with potential distinct clinical objectives: Amber filter to minimize glare, green to highlight structural details and yellow and green to filter out potentially damaging blue light. Filters may also be used to augment or even replace intraoperative dyes.2

Laser probes: The Stellaris Elite™ vision enhancement system also offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance laser probes.5 The patented Directional Laser Probe features a fixed fiber with a moving shaft for unique 90-degree curve actuation and provides efficient midfield light output.2

Vitesse™ handpiece: Is the first and only hypersonic device for vitreous removal which uses a novel single-needle design and a continuously open port system, which is available exclusively on the Stellaris Elite platform.1 Using patented technology, Vitesse™ creates a highly localized vitreous liquefaction zone at the front of the port for potentially smooth control during tissue removal. The open port design is 100% open 100% of the time for continuous flow, and the unique single-lumen design provides unobstructed aspiration.8 Compared to traditional pneumatic cutters that aspirate first and then shear vitreous, Vitesse™ liquefies vitreous in creating small fibril fragments first and then aspirates tissue.2 Modern vitrectomy technology today operates at speeds up to 5,000 – 7,500 cuts per minute; with Vitesse™ the liquefaction rate of vitreous would equate to approximately 1.7 million cuts per minute with the objective to decrease the amount of vitreous traction that usually occurs during the vitrectomy procedure.8



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